About Ken Kehoe Showroom

Catering to Interior Designers who would seek individualism for their homeowners, the renown boutique Ken Kehoe Showroom carried highly customizable lines, so clients wouldn’t find the same piece in anyone else’s home. 

Inspired at heart by contemporary and antique French style, Ken's showroom esthetic and practical designs was classic yet casual, elegant yet comfortable, and something special you could use and enjoy every day. 

Through a series of galleries and vignettes, the showroom helped designers imagine the pieces in their client’s homes. Shopping the world over, Kehoe and his showroom team curated an unexpected mix of traditional furniture, fabrics, wall covering and lighting, with a hint of contemporary thrown in. 

“Personally, I love French influences, both historical and current offerings from overseas,” he says. “But over time, I’ve found it fun to add surprising elements to our primary theme. That is why we offered a spread of unique items on our showroom floor.” 

In both his design and showroom businesses, Kehoe adheres to the same philosophy: 

"People should wake up surrounded by the things they love." 

Contributing to interior design for over 20 years, Ken Kehoe of Houston expanded his scope from client consultations to building a ground-up construction firm, creating a custom furniture & lighting line, importing antiques from France, and launching his namesake showroom in the beautiful Decorative Center Houston, on the 2nd Floor, above the Rotunda fountain.

Ken Kehoe's namesake showroom could not survive the onslaught of online competition of quick-ship, pre-fab product.  Thank you for having supported us through buying the heirloom items we brought to market, versus the disposable products thrown away as fads quickly change.

We hope you enjoyed our boutique showroom experience!